My projects

Learn more about me and my personality through my projects and activities. Here you can find summaries of my projects. Working on various topics allows me to learn new skills and improve my ability to adapt. From design to code, I always try to deliver the best.

My most ambitious project

I spend most of my free time working on this project and it is, as of today, my most ambitious side project which I am really proud of. Meet MedicApp, an app that reminds you when to take your medications and organizes your medical life.

My programming projects

While design is important, I believe in performance by default*. A great product is indeed define by its great performance. Creating clean-code, using latest frameworks, following standards, and always being aware of new technologies defines my way of work. Here follows my programming projects.

My design projects

The user experience and the user interface are both decisive and significant to me. Thinking about the end users and how they will use a product or an application means thinking about how much they will like it. And it makes all the difference.

My upcoming projects

My head is full of upcoming projects that I cannot wait to start and explore. Just below is two of them, but many more will come.