Dating differently



What is Beam* ?

Beam is a concept design of a new dating application. Discover another way of meeting people and a disruptive discovery functionality. Share who you really are and engage a new conversation with those you like the most. Not finding anyone you like? With our unique idea, you have 24h hours to engage with a mystery person, and get to know each other before being able to see their photos.

InVision Studio


Adobe XD


How did I make it ?

This project was all about design and finding a way to create a new dating experience while keeping its main goal. With the new discovery functionality we tried to bring more attention on poeple personalities than over physical traits. Everything has been done using Sketch, Adobe XD and InVision Studio.

Being different

The main goal of designing Beam was to create a new experience while keeping the main goal of a dating app : meeting new poeple.
Nowadays way to much attention is brought over physical traits while personalities and what makes poeple unique is not even considered.
Every screens and user interactions has been thought to fulfill this goal. The app user interface put the discovery functionality at the epicenter of Beam experience, we tried to lead poeple to get to know each other before anything else.

Sketch and design softwares

I have known how to use Sketch for a while but designing Beam really pushed my skills beyond anything I'd have expected.
More than just creating a user interface, Beam was all about creating an new experience. This project required some deep tought and analysis to make everything perfect.
User interface was made using Sketch, but interactions and experience was created using other application such as Figma, InVison Studio and even Adobe XD.

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