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What is E-menu* ?

This project is developped as a school project at Université Lyon 1. E-menu is a website which aims to digitize the menu of a specific restaurant. The restaurant owner records all the dishes on his menu and customers then have access to an online menu with the possibility of searching and sorting. Everything is saved to an SQL database, and displayed using PHP, HTML and CSS.





How did we* make it ?

Project context

Before starting programming and dealing with technological challenges, we spent months planning our project. First, we looked at similar products that already exists to get inspired but mostly to differentiate ourselves and create a unique product.
Then we chose how we would structure the website, the database, and how we would share the work. The lngest part was when we were deciding which functionnality to add or remove from our planning.
Finnaly, to end this pre-developpement session, we created the website interface using Sketch to get a clear idea of what it will look like at the end.

Technologies and programmation

To create the website interface we have decided to use HTML, CSS and Javascipt. In order to have a responsive website, we used the Bootstrap framework to ease the developpement.
On the backend side, every requests to the database are made using PHP and MySQL.
As of today, the database is stored on the University servers and not accessible from the outside without a VPN.

Group work and new skills

This group project was for me a great experience as it taught me more than just new programming skills. It challenged me to work as part of a group, to share my ideas, to accept critics, to rethink the way I work and to wrok in collaboration. Of course, my PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and MySQL skills were boosted; but the social and efficiency skills I gained were the real lesson I learnt from this project.

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