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What is MedicApp ?

MedicApp is an iOS app that delivers information about medications. Just scan the Datamatrix code printed on the medication box and voilà, all the information you could possibly think of. MedicApp also gives you many other functionalities such as : accessing all the notices, programing reminders to take your medications, mark some of them as bookmark, and much more. MedicApp only goal is to provide its users up-to-date information and remind them about taking their medications.



iOS 14 SDK


How did I make it ?

While working on MedicApp I tried to use the best technologies possible, but most importantly, the adapted ones. I used Realm for data persistence and new UICollectionView APIs from iOS 14.

Data and storage

All the information displayed in MedicApp comes from the official website of the French government: link.
This data is stored using Realm. In order to optimize it and make it usable by the application, I convert this data using a small macOS application that I created (MedicApp Admin). This allows me to format the data so that it is more simply usable directly in MedicApp and especially to reduce the final size of the application.

Bookmarks and reminders

The data produced by the users is stored directly on the device for reasons of confidentiality and reliability. MedicApp uses the UNNotificationRequest to issue medicine expiry reminders or warnings. When the user indicates that they have taken a medication, the stock is then updated accordingly in the background. The scanner searches for the 13-character CIP code present in the Data Matrix code of the drugs, and from this displays all the information. MedicApp is rich in functionality: registration of prescriptions, automatic stock, consultation of medical documents, reminders to take your medications and expiration ...
Reminders are also stored on the device for similar reasons. Only the name, the frequency of the reminder and the unique medication's identifier are stored. The notifications are sent locally and therefore does not require an internet connection.

Language and skills

MedicApp is my most ambitious personal project and the one I am most proud of. I devote almost all my time to its development and improvement in order to always learn new things. On a more technical level, MedicApp is a native application programmed in Swift using Xcode. It uses the latest APIs introduced by Apple in iOS 14. I try to make the application as integrated as possible within iOS. This project is a real challenge for me because it represents my passion: developing useful iOS applications for the end user.

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